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Albee Room is done in shades of purple, is on the top floor of Encore. Sliding glass doors lead to a private balcony with a panoramic view of the Boston skyline. You can relax, read, or watch television in a comfortable sitting area with an alcove and window seat. The Albee room has a private bathroom with shower. $170 -$250


Bernstein Room On the third floor is the spacious Bernstein Room, decorated in warm shades of green offset by exposed brick walls and wooden furnishings. Three windows offer abundant afternoon sun, with blinds and curtains to reduce the light if desired. At one end of the room is a comfortable sitting area. The private bathroom features a tub and shower combination. $155 - $230


Sondheim Room is on the top floor with three rear-facing windows. A subdued palette of gray and black is punctuated by touches of brilliant color. The furniture -- Italian-designed pieces in suede, glass, and brushed steel-- is modern, elegant, and very comfortable. Exposed brick retains the essence of the original architecture. The Sondheim room has a private bathroom with shower$155 - $230


Robbins Room is located on the third floor with the infamous Boston bay windows facing onto the street. If available, It offers a somewhat more affordable alternative to ouwindows offer morning and early afternoon sun. The private bathroom features a tub and shower combination. Comfortable, elegant, and cozy, this is a very approachable Encore 'suite. $145 - $210

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