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The Inn

Encore Bed and Breakfast was renovated in 2000 and opened to guests in May 2001.  This was the first renovation after the 70’s when urban pioneers started revitalizing the South End – prolifically  described in the Pulitzer Prize winning book “Common Ground”.  Since then Encore has hosted thousands of guests from around the world.  Encore has been featured in travel articles and guide books in many different countries and languages, and was featured locally on the Boston’s ABC Chronicle program focused on Boston’s Urban Bed & Breakfasts.
Boston’s South End is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the country’s largest Historic District.

Up to the 1950s the South End and bordering Roxbury was a jazz mecca, with numerous clubs such as the Royal Palms, Eddie Levine's, the Hi-Hat, The Savoy, and Wally's Paradise. Wally's Café is the only venue to have survived to the present day and is three blocks from Encore.

The South End is one of Boston's main restaurant districts offering a diverse mix of cuisines. Tremont Street is often called "Restaurant Row" with a range of restaurants that includes American, French, Ethiopian, Brazilian, Indian, Italian, Venezuelan, African, Peruvian, Latin American, Thai, and Japanese among others.

The South End has a growing retail presence. New retail shops offer a range of handmade gifts by local artists, home furnishings, men's and women's clothing, stationery, specialty foods, spa services, hair saloons and manicure and pedicure shops.